Kota Yamazaki/Fluid Hug-Hug

"I believe that people are fluid and should flow like water so that exchange between those from different backgrounds can become easier and freer."

- Kota Yamazaki

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Darkness Odyssey Part 3: Non Opera, Becoming

Commissioned by New York Live Arts (New York) premiering in 2019


Darkness Odyssey is a series of dances inspired by the written words of French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, and butoh pioneer Tatsumi Hijikata’s notion of “dance of darkness”. This series explores the idea of the body as a black hole, which absorbs everything, even seemingly unrelated things equally.

Darkness Odyssey Part 3: Non-Opera, Becoming is considered to be a non-operatic celebration of a bridge between "this self" and "the other self", and magnifies the ever-changing state and process of "becoming" while encouraging exchange between performers from different dance practices, and cultural backgrounds. Ultimately, this work aims to blur the distinction between individual dance forms by boiling them down to their most fundamental essence.

The creation of this work was supported in part by the Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts JAPAN program, Guggenheim Fellowship and by residencies at Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC) through The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship, and at Mount Tremper Arts Center through their Watershed Program.



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I or Hallucination 1_2017_Stephanie Berger CROP.jpeg

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